A premier provider of medical case management services and a nationally recognized industry leader in the provision of disability and disease state management. 

"Our primary objective is to bring the highest level of expertise to the management of disease and injury."

Douglas M. Ardley, RN, JD
- Director of Clinical Services

"I have worked with dozens of case management companies, and Gateway is the best I have ever seen. Their knowledge base, dedication, and focus on service is exceptional."

Lisa Bartow, Senior Claims Examiner GAB-Robbins

"I want to thank Gateway and its staff for an excellent work product. It is rare that I get to work with a company that not only provides service, but a commitment to excellence."

Harold Whitehead,

Worker's Compensation Manager, Western Staff Services

Gateway Health Management is a medical case management company that specializes in catastrophic injury management and employs some of the most experienced RN's in the country. Whether you are an individual in need of a consultation or a potential employee looking for RN case management jobs, Gateway Health Management, located on the central coast, is ready to assist you. Peruse our website to discover the excellence that is Gateway.

Not only do we pride ourselves on the highest quality of service and professionalism, Gateway Health Management also offers thorough, in-depth consulting services so that you know you are receiving only the finest care from the most knowledgeable individuals the healthcare industry has to offer. Additional services are available such as: life care planning, classes on various management practices and a complete file review of your medical history that will provide you with the best possible outcome for recovery. Pertinent information regarding your health and welfare for your future will be planned out in detail.


Gateway Health Management will assist you in understanding your condition, how to heal, recover and lead the most productive life possible in the years to come. We are here to help!